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The United States government recognizes that certain groups of people in some countries around the world face persecution, torture or even death if they return to their country of origin. The refugee asylum program was established to allow individuals and families from those countries to seek permanent refuge in the United States.

Experienced Denver Asylum Petition Attorneys Helping People Seeking Safe Haven

If you are a non-U.S. citizen living in the United States and seeking safe haven because of probable persecution in your home country, talk to the immigration attorneys at Bull & Davies, P.C., in Denver. We are knowledgeable about asylum petitions, and are experienced in both affirmative and defensive applications. We attend both kinds of proceedings, and work to protect the immigrant’s rights to a fair hearing.

We help our clients with a full range of legal petitions for asylum, temporary protected status and green card processing. With our assistance, our clients have secured permission to remain in the United States. We are highly familiar with the various programs under which people can receive permanent resident status, including the asylum program.

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“I want to personally thank you and your office for giving my case your best time and effort … I was most impressed by your level of professionalism and timely responses to my inquiries.” — Anonymous client

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Our immigration practice is very important to us. At our law firm, Bull & Davies, P.C., we devote much time and effort to helping people remain in the United States. From our offices in Denver, our lawyers represent clients in U.S. immigration matters in communities throughout Colorado. Contact us to arrange a low-cost initial consultation with one of our experienced Colorado immigrant asylum attorneys — because your immigration matter means the world to you right now.