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There are many offensive immigration cases — family-based, employment-based and humanitarian. If you are seeking a green card to live in the United States as a legal resident on the basis of a family petition or an employment petition, your current or prior presence in the United States will have an impact on how we prosecute your case.

Oftentimes, we must know:

  • Where the intending immigrant is now
  • Where the intending immigrant was in the past
  • Where the intending immigrant intends to be in the future

Another primary concern is whether the intending immigrant has ever been the beneficiary of a prior petition even if the petition was denied, abandoned or lost. This prior petition may assist in determining whether the immigrant can adjust legal status within the United States. Once we have this information, we can determine if the intending immigrant can obtain his green card without departing the United States or must seek status through the Department of State. It is important to have an attorney who knows the procedural process involved to effectively prosecute your applications.

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If you are an illegal immigrant residing in Colorado and seeking legal status through a green card petition, talk to a U.S. immigration law attorney at Bull & Davies, P.C., in Denver. We are recognized as one of the state’s leading immigration law firms, with a successful record of helping individuals and families overcome the most challenging roadblocks to legal immigration.

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We know that there are many immigration legal services making a lot of empty promises and charging honest people a lot of money for no results. At Bull & Davies, P.C., we have built our success on integrity. If we do not feel we can find a creative strategy to help you receive legal status in the United States, we will be honest with you. If we see an opportunity to help you get the right outcome, we will make sure you fully understand the process and how we bill you for services.

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