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If your loved one is being held on an immigration charge in Colorado or at a state or county facility for ICE, you can’t afford to wait for ICE to make the next move. Talk to one of our  Colorado immigration law defense attorney at Bull & Davies, P.C. in our Denver office right away. While other immigration law firms may wait to see when the scheduled release hearing will be set, we start fighting for release immediately. We investigate and take in all the evidence quickly and immediately file a request for hearing to get the individual out of hold and back with his or her family as soon as possible.

We Act With Integrity

We know that many immigration legal services have a bad reputation for misleading information and empty promises. With our skilled Colorado immigration law defense attorney at Bull & Davies of Denver, integrity and action are the hallmarks of our success. After reviewing your case, we will give you an honest assessment of your circumstances, with a focus on finding a creative solution that many other law firms may not pursue.

By taking a proactive approach, we start building a long-term case for finding a solution that will lead to legal immigration status for our client. We meet with the client immediately and don’t wait for court action. We get to know our clients personally and put a human story behind their immigration matters. At Bull & Davies are proud of our record of helping families stay together in the United States.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Gracias por ayudarme a seguir disfrutando de todos mis hijos y a mis nietos y en nobre de todos ellos ustedes siempre estaran en nuestros oraciones diarias y rogandole a Dios que les siga dando la sabiduria para seguir ayudando.” — Francisco

Experienced Denver Attorneys Handling Immigration Holds

From our offices in Denver, our Colorado immigration law defense attorney represent clients in U.S. immigration matters in communities throughout Colorado. Contact us to arrange a low-cost initial consultation with one of our experienced Colorado immigration law attorneys today — because your immigration matter means the world to you right now.