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Our Attorneys Handle Offenses That Include Driving Without a License

If you are living in the United States without legal documentation, you know that any brush with the law can raise your profile with ICE and put you in danger of deportation. Even a traffic ticket for going just a few miles over the speed limit means that your name will be run through the Secure Communities program.

Most Denver traffic offenses impact immigrants as it triggers an immigration hold and removal/deportation proceeding. Call the U.S. immigration attorneys at Bull & Davies, P.C., in Denver. We are a unique immigration law firm that places a special focus on criminal defense services for people who are seeking legal status in the U.S. and need to protect themselves from deportation.

Speeding and Other Denver Traffic Violations

If you have been stopped for a traffic violation such as a speeding ticket, searched during a traffic stop, cited for driving without a license or any other traffic matter, our Denver traffic violation lawyers can help you. Contact us at our offices in Denver to discuss your situation. While a traffic violation may seem minor, it can lead to more serious consequences. You need an experienced attorney to analyze your circumstances.

Providing Defense of DUI/DWAI/DWAID in Colorado

Our skilled lawyers at Bull & Davies, P.C., welcome complex DUI cases. We have been able to get DUI charges dismissed or reduced resulting in smaller penalties or shorter sentences. Sentencing is important for immigrants because if you are jailed, you will be reported to ICE and lengths of your jail sentence may affect whether you qualify for certain forms of relief from deportation. We have argued that clients charged with DUI have had their constitutional rights violated. Whatever the situation, we look at each DWAI/DUI/DWAID case individually and craft a winning strategy depending on the circumstances. If you have been charged with any level of DUI/DWAI, contact our knowledgeable Denver DUI attorney right away to discuss your situation and your rights.

We have a successful criminal defense record protecting the rights of non-U.S. citizens charged with traffic-related offenses such as:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Revoked license, suspended driver’s license
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving under restraint (DUR)
  • Commercial trucking driving violations

We also represent U.S. citizens charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses throughout the Denver region.

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From our offices in Denver, our lawyers represent clients in U.S. immigration matters in communities throughout Colorado. Contact us to arrange a low-cost initial consultation with one of our experienced Denver traffic ticket attorneys today — because your immigration matter means the world to you right now.

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