Location: Denver, Colorado
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Areas of Practice

John Maroney specializes in forcing insurance companies to part with the thing they love most: their money. John is frequently in trial against insurance companies, and in 2019 obtained two of the top forty verdicts in the State of Colorado.


John is originally from a small town in South Carolina called Darlington. As a young man he obtained a degree in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina before attending pharmacy school at the Medical University of South Carolina. After pharmacy school, he went on to study law at the University of Denver. In his first year of law school, John fell in love with trial work during the annual trial completion with their rival school where he was a finalist as a first year student. John went on to join the University of Denver's National Trial team where he competed at the national level against every top law school in the country. In the two years he represented the University of Denver on the National Trial team, he won or was a finalist in every completion he competed in, helping take the University's trial team from being unranked, to number 7 in the nation within two years.

After graduating from law school, John went back to his roots, and moved to the small country town of Lamar in Colorado. While there, he was hired by the State to represent indigent criminal defendants. For over three years John represented defendants assigned to him by the State. He took many cases to trial, and won every single jury and bench trial he did. He currently holds the record for the fastest "not guilty" verdict ever rendered in Kiowa, Prowers and Baca Counties. The verdict was rendered in under 5 minutes on a DUI in favor of a young Muslim man who was from Texas. The case was won in the beginning, which is called "voir dire". There was an old cow boy sitting in the front row. John asked the cow boy what the presumption of innocence means to him. The old cow boy said he didn't know, but he knew there was a lot less cattle rustling once you started hanging people. John asked him then, "how many innocent people is it ok to hang before you've hung one too many?" The old cow boy didn't have an answer, but he agreed it was a good question. And that case was won right there. It reminded the jury how important it is to hold the government to their burden, to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that someone is guilty before we hand them to the power of the State.

After winning every trial for he did for indigent defendants in rural Colorado, John came to Denver to represent victims who were being denied justice by the insurance companies. Within two months, John was in trial against Liberty Mutual. His client was an Uber driver who had been rear-ended. It was a minor collision, there was no visual damage on the car other than a paint scratch, and his medical bills were less than $16,000. But the Uber driver was a hardworking man, and his normal 12-hour days had been cut down to 8-hours because of his back pain. The insurance company laughed when John demanded $37,000 shortly before trial. The jury awarded over $100,000 with costs and interest.
Since then, John has gone on to take insurance companies to task. He is routinely in trial because he knows what the value of a case is, and if the insurance company is not willing to meet that, then we're going to trial. In addition to winning 100% of his criminal defense trials, John has obtained plaintiff's verdicts in every personal injury case he has taken to trial.