Extremely grateful for this law firm. Thank you to the entire staff here for all your hard work. We've tried to go through this process for my husband to get his permanent residence with other law firms before and did not have any luck. Either they wanted my husband to go back to Mexico for the process or they didn't file the correct paperwork and made us loose money over it.

This firm did what they said they'd do and they did it well. They are top notch attorneys here and know the laws and what paperwork needs to get filed in order to reach your goals.

This will be the best Christmas ever... thanks again to everyone at Bull & Davies!

kate straziscar

Its been 5 years since I needed their help and never had the opportunity to say Thank You to this Law firm. They are great people and have no doubt if it wasn't for their help I wouldn't be here with my family. They did everything to help me get my perminant residence even when all odds were against me. They are honest and are on your side. If anybody needs help I promise you wont regret choosing Bull & Davies. From me and my entire family THANKS!!

Five 3

I want to express my gratitude to all the lawyers that have worked very hard and helped me and my husband to go thru the whole process of getting his residency from start to finish being on point with everything and always being there with great advice and attitudes, they are ones you can count on to help you out when needed.

Marcia Fritz

I was more than pleased with Tom Ward's performance. His level of involvement with my case was through the roof. Hopefully I never need representation again but if I do I'll definitely come back to Bull & Davies.

Kase Luciano

They really helped me since I went to them they helpped me win my case. im really happy with their work and i recommend this law ferm to all friend and anybody who needs a lawyer thanks to them I can walk free and happy thanks to bull and davis.

Alex Ruiz

Excellent results, very knowledgeable lawyer. If you have a case , she will get good outcomes for you.

Pedro Cornejo

Love this firm, everyone is so friendly and helpful. They care for our family, Brett, Kathrine and Rosa are very attentive of our needs. Thank you so much. With your help, I've being able to stay close to my family in this country.

jakys crafy corner

All of the lawyers at Bull & Davies are very knowledgeable, helpful, caring and treat their clients with respect. Prior to hiring them I consulted with many Attorneys who doubted in my case giving me no hope but the Attorney at Bull & Davies have not stopped fighting for me since day #1. Strongly recommended.

Elan Simon

Bull & Davies were so helpful with my uncle's case. The family was super impressed with their work. We will be using them in the future.

Thanks for all the hard work team!!!!!

Shanta Dubose Ejuwa