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Visas for Crime Victims in Colorado

A U-visa is a form of relief for a victim of a crime in the United States, including certain enumerated offenses including, but not limited to, aggravated theft, assault and domestic assault. If you are an illegal immigrant in Colorado and have been a victim, talk to an attorney on the U.S. immigration law team at Bull & Davies, P.C., in Denver.

Does It Have to Be a Recent Crime Against You?

Seeking a U-visa to remain in the United States legally requires that you were the victim of a crime while present in the U.S. The petition will be considered even if many years have passed since you suffered the injury or harm. However, you will be required to secure a signed affidavit from the law enforcement agency or judge, attesting to the crime and that you were a victim and assisted in prosecution of the offender. If approved, the U-visa will waive any deportation consequences you might face for illegal entry or a criminal record in the U.S. After three years living legally on the U-visa, you become eligible for permanent residency status through an appropriate green card application process.

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